It only takes…

  • HK$7 to provide food for a day for a child at the Tay Ninh Centre for Visually Impaired Children in Vietnam - the same as a bottle of Bon Aqua water in Hong Kong
  • HK$40 to hold a birthday party for a child at the Ger Village in Mongolia - the equivalent of a Frappucino from Starbucks
  • HK$22 to purchase prevention blood tests for two children in Mongolia - the price of a Hong Kong taxi flagfall
  • HK$95 to buy teaching materials for bakery lessons at the Boys Prison in Mongolia - the same as the price of a cocktail in Soho
  • HK$245 to sponsor a child each month – the same as buying the SCMP every day for a month
  • HK$500 to cover the cost of hand soap and toilet paper for a year at the Blue Skies Ger Village in Mongolia
  • HK$1050 to Buy-a-Bike and a helmet for a child in Vietnam, the equivalent of dinner for two
  • HK$25,000 to buy a fully furnished Ger for a homeless family in Mongolia - the price of a weekend holiday for two in Thailand

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(Sources: *UNDP  **National Statistical Office of Mongolia  ^World Bank)