How long does Sponsorship last?

For as long as the child remains with the Sponsorship Programme or unless the sponsor wishes to withdraw in which case CNCF strives to find a replacement donor. In cases where an older child completes his/her education and is able to become self-supporting or a child leaves the program for another reason, the sponsor is offered another child to assist. 

Where the Money goes

The allocation of the funds is rigidly monitored. Of the HK$300 (US$38) donation per month, HK$210 (US$27) is paid directly to the child's family. HK$16 (US$2) is spent on Life Skills Training and Child Emergency Uses. HK$55 (US$7) is used to pay the wages of the local CNCF social workers and carers that assess the families, administer the funds, monitor the programme, and prepare individual reports for each donor. The balance of HK$20 is used in home fundraising office to cover the administrative costs of the programme and to CNCF International to invest in future capacity building. 

Monitoring Progress

When the children receive their sponsorship money, either fortnightly or monthly, our sponsorship team interview the child and their family or carer to assess their health status, their progress at school, and any extra support that might be needed by the child to ensure their continued well-being. Home visits also take place on an annual basis.

Sponors receive an annual update on the progress of the child and sponsorship continues until the child becomes self-supporting.  Where possible, we aim to continue to assist the child through Higher Education.

Get Involved

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