Mongolian Ger

Give a Ger and give a family a home of their own...

Gers are traditional round nomadic tents used in Mongolia for over a thousand years. They are extremely robust and are well insulated for the cold winters by a double layer of thick felt, while remaining cool in the summer. A well designed Ger usually lasts between 15-20 years.

Good housing is essential in Mongolia, due to the particularly harsh climate. -30°C is a normal temperature in winter and even -40°C and lower is not exceptional, coupled with winds straight from the Arctic.  In such intense cold, poor people struggle to survive in make shift wooden huts without sufficient protection from the temperatures outside.

Our Give a Ger programme is an emergency fund which was established in 2001 to provide a home for families in danger of becoming homeless and for those living in extreme poverty and struggling to survive. In cases where Gers are limited, our main priority is to assist the families of the children on our Child Sponsorship Programme before extending assistance to the wider community. 

You can buy a 3-section Ger with furntiure for a family in need for HK$25,000**.  The gift will provide a family with a home of their own, often for the first time, as well as with all the security and confidence for the future that this provides.

Make a difference. Give a Ger.

Sponsor a School Starter Set and help a child's Education in Mongolia...

For just HKD$500** you can buy a School Starter Set which provides all a child will need for school for the entire academic year. Not being able to afford books, a pencil or even a uniform is the reality for many children in Mongolia and one of  the reasons why they drop out of school. Thanks to the donation of School Starter Sets, we are able to enhance the schooling opportunities of these children in financial difficulties and help them have a successful educational upbringing and therefore a better future.

Who benefits? The starter school kits are distributed to the children within our care at the Ger Village and where appropriate those within our Mongolian Child Sponsorship Programme
What’s included? School uniform, shoes, school bag, pencil case, pens, pencils, coloured pencils, erasers, rulers and enough notebooks for the entire academic year).

Make a difference. Sponsor a School Starter Set. 

**Programme Donations include a PayPal processing fee.