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The Management Team

Ann Chan | General Manager

Favourite childhood memory:

"Being so loved by my parents.  One time I accidentally scratched my Dad's face in a temper.  Instead of being angry with me, he told people he cut his face while shaving.  When he told them this, he squeezed my hand and smiled at me and I realised how loved I was."


Jodie Cressey | Event & Project Manager

Favourite childhood memory:

"I fondly remember putting Abba’s ‘Thank you for the Music’  on our record player and singing into the microphone I had plugged into our old school stereo in our living room! I would sometimes get my Mom and brother to join in too. 80’s karaoke at its best."





The Board of Directors

Greg Brutus | Executive Director | Corporate Communications Asia Pacific | AT&T

Favourite childhood memory: "Coming home from school and smelling the amazing food my mum had made. She was a fantastic cook and did everything from wonderful chicken or lamb curries to delicious bread and butter puddings, traditional Sunday roasts and hearty winter stews."

Sandy Burgess | CNCF Events Director

Favourite childhood memory: "Getting a white rabbit for my 8th birthday. Whiskers lived for eight years, used to follow me around the garden (and into the house) and knew all my secrets!"


Christine Cameron | SVP & General Counsel | Turner Broadcasting System

Favourite childhood memory: "Hosting “shows” in our backyard for all the other neighbourhood kids, at 5 cents a seat.  My best friend and I used to act, sing, dance and generally make fools of ourselves in front of our bafflingly-willing audience.  I am SO glad that mobile phones weren’t around then to record our antics for posterity!"

Keith Williamson | Managing Director | Alvarez & Marsal

Favourite childhood memory: "My brother and I spent our summer holidays in the nearby farmers' fields, streets and gardens playing football, "kick-can", "chicken" on our BMXs, and builidng dens with the many friends in our neighbourhood.  We would only break for dinner and kids' TV before heading out to play again.  Rainy days meant lots of board games and homemade biscuits and buns from mum."

Chris Mikosh | Co-Founder | Tor Investment Management (Hong Kong) Ltd

Favourite childhood memory: "Exploring the outdoors with my late grandfather. He introduced me to many things that became lifelong interests."

Eileen O'Connell | Director | Financial Services Alliances APAC | Ernest & Young

Favourite childhood memory: "With my grandparents living with us, the house was always full with family and laughter. My Nana was a wonderful dressmaker, so every time she made me a new outfit, she also made a mini copy for my Tiny Tears doll."

Lesley-Anne K. Thadani | CNCF Hong Kong Director

Favourite childhood memory: “I have many great childhood memories but one of my favourites is the family outings in our orange and crean VM camper van to Croy Beach in Scotland, playing on the sand with my brother, eating corned beef rolls and drinking cups of hot tomato soup”

Andy Robinson | Director | Village Insurance Ltd.

Favourite childhood memory: “We lived for a few years in a small rural village in England, and I have vivid memories of long summer days riding my bike, collecting insects, playing on the swings and roundabouts, and just generally enjoying being outdoors!"